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Terri Bianco created TBEnterprises in 1998 to offer leadership and staff development services to clients in the public and private sectors. A former public official, Terri is a certified trainer, executive coach, facilitator, and published author.

As needed or desired, Terri assembles teams from a cadre of certified and talented consultants whose background, experience, and passion for quality meet her clients’ specific requirements. They are professional and accountable in their work ethic, approach, and effective delivery, whether coaching, training, facilitating, or writing.

Our services center on what used to be called “soft skills” and are now considered the hard and essential skills of today’s workplace: communication, leadership, management, change strategies, employee engagement, team alignment. We specialize in the challenges of the virtual workplace – how to manage virtual employees and how to work successfully as a virtual worker.

Principal offices are in Sacramento, CA where Terri Bianco is registered with the State of California as a small woman-owned business (DGS #56597). She can be reached at 916.359.3997.