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Our professional services include executive coaching, training, facilitation, and writing services for clients in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.



Coaching offers a potent perspective on leadership development. Highly interactive and dynamic, coaching gives individuals significant opportunities for personalized, customized training. Skills and behaviors learned and practiced are immediately applied in the workplace.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching are well-documented. Coaching is a confidential relationship focused on improving techniques, behaviors, and attitudes that lead to success.

An Executive Coach succeeds only when the client succeeds, the foundation of this powerful process. Contact us to learn our Executive Coaching services can add to the success of your employees and your organization.

how we coach


Every organization is a learning organization. Information arrives rapidly and constantly. Employees must learn and grow professionally to ensure continuity of success in the workplace.

Our ongoing research taps into the latest trends and best practices. Topics vary and are designed to have immediate application.

All our training programs are custom-designed to meet your needs. They encourage lively interaction, offer opportunities to practice skills, and employ proven learning principles that elicit engagement. Contact us to learn how we can meet your training needs.

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The success of group meetings depends on how well they are facilitated. Time is precious and no one can afford to waste it.

Our facilitators expedite the process — whether goals setting, strategic planning, problem solving, or team meetings.

Through a variety of proven facilitation tools, we guide the content of ideas toward clear and manageable action plans.

how we facilitate


Our writing services are soup-to-nuts, from concept to publication to marketing. We can coach you to write your own work, or we can do it for you. Our writing process ensures your work has your “voice.”

Everything we do involves writing. You might say we begin with conceptual design, and then we write. And we write. And we rewrite. We’re quite good at it. We have quite a few published works.

And what we write may be:
 An article about you, your idea, your business, or your company
 A book you’ve always wanted to write but the muse wasn’t there.
 Web sites
 White papers
 Newspaper columns

And what we design may be:
 Original, customized training manuals.
 User-friendly revisions to curriculum and training programs.
 Online learning modules that are lively and fun.

how we write