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Executive Coaching


Your coaching talent has positively impacted me and our managers. Every day presents an opportunity for me to improve my leadership skills. Your careful coaching has built my confidence when interacting with staff and in my ability to lead a challenging group of people.

Eric Pormento, CFO
Employment & Human Services, Contra Costa County, CA


You played a huge role in guiding me on the path I’m currently on. What a life changing decision that was and I am grateful to have had the chance to be coached by you! I have to confess that after our session yesterday, I actually skipped. Thank you Terri.


Melissa Androlowicz, Manager
Sacramento, CA

At every coaching session, no matter the obstacle or challenge, Terri has been able to pull out of her bag of resources something so key or on point with whatever happened to be facing me at the time. I am amazed at her resourcefulness; there is no situation or dilemma too large or too difficult that cannot be resolved through her coaching skills.


Katherine Meissner, Former City Clerk
City of Stockton, CA

In a short period of time, Terri helped me take responsibility for my life and my happiness.  She is an extremely effective Executive Coach. I recommend her to anyone willing to make positive changes in their professional lives.


Mondae Hott, Sales Manager
Grass Valley, CA

Our work together has improved my ability to communicate with staff and to help them in a positive way. I now view each challenge as an opportunity to become a better director. Your Executive Coaching has equipped me with concrete and useful tools. Thank you!


Jason Fouyer, City Councilmember
City of Grass Valley, CA

Our work together has improved my ability to communicate with staff and to help them in a positive way. I now view each challenge as an opportunity to become a better director. Your Executive Coaching has equipped me with concrete and useful tools. Thank you!

Justine Jimenez, Director
Early Learning Services, City of West Sacramento, CA



Let me just say, GREAT JOB!!!  Your interviews before today’s session and your leadership and guidance through today’s exercises were PERFECT!!!  I will be in touch with you about exploring other training session for managers.


Tim Snellings, Director
Development Services, Butte County, CA

I don’t know how FREED ever got on your radar as a place that might benefit from your work, but I’m sure glad it did! I like your ideas and your communication and leadership style very much. Thanks so much!


Ann Guerra, Former Executive Director
FREED Center for Independent Living, Grass Valley, CA

Terri’s ability to create customized training makes her my go-to person when our clients seek an in-house consultant. She also delivers dynamic classes in our Training Center where she continues to receive high evaluations. We really rely on her!


Melissa Asher, Training Center Manager
CPS HR Consulting, Sacramento, CA

Not only can Terri Bianco present information that is informative, innovative, and relevant, her dynamic style makes the knowledge immediately useful with long-term results.


Thomas Robinson
Continuing Education for Public Officials Program, Santa Barbara, CA

The session went very well. The conversation was constructive and you worked through the awkward issues nicely. This could be a big success. Thanks and good luck with the next session.

Eric Berliner, former President/CEO
Sierra Video Systems, Inc., Grass Valley, CA



Trying to do in less than three hours what would usually take a full day was a real undertaking, which you did with much grace and professionalism. Your preparation and your delivery were helpful, responsive, and appropriate. Your flexibility and willingness to truly facilitate was greatly appreciated.


Sam Dardick, Former Supervisor
Nevada County Board of Supervisors

As a facilitator, Terri is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5!

Kelly Snow, Corporate Education Liaison
University of Phoenix, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA

Terri’s skills as a facilitator allowed us to formulate specific action plans. Accommodating many differing points of view, Terri brought the groups together toward a common focus. She brought humor, poise, and ease to the process, making difficult situations smooth and productive. We look forward to her providing us her leadership skills in the future.


Robert L. Buhlis, Former President
Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

From the Board’s perspective and mine, the Strategic Planning Session was a success this year, guided by the work we did with you at the Goals Setting Session. The format you used was a perfect fit and produced more action plans specific to our goals than I thought possible.


Dena Valin, Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nevada County, Grass Valley, CA



Terri Bianco wrote Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching with colleague and consummate educator Steve Barkley. This is a go-to text for me.  I have learned an enormous amount from this book. It is very well-written, and Terri captured the essence of Steve’s philosophy, voice, and enthusiasm for the importance of coaching in education.


Jim Knight, Director
Kansas Coaching Project, University of Kansas

Thank you for all the work that has taken my thinking to print, always in my own voice. I don’t know how you do it. You are a great writing and thinking partner. Always great working with you.

Steve Barkley, Executive Vice President

I asked Terri Bianco to help me get started in writing a book I have been talking about writing for many years. I had the drive and compassion, but didn’t know how to get around the obstacles.  By our second session, Terri identified what those obstacles were, coached me on how to get around them, and now I’m on my way.


Kat Meissner

Thank you again for all your help and support as I wrote my book. Thank you, too, for your insights along this journey. I don’t believe I would be where I am without it. You helped me believe I could do it, and got me over my stumbling blocks. Thank you.


Cindy Hren

Your advice has been invaluable to me through the many years I have known you. By reviewing my various business plans and proposals with constructive editing ideas, you made sure they hit the mark.


Eugene G. Schwartz, Editor at Large
ForeWord Reviews