We work with leaders to both accelerate their strengths and shrink behaviors that get in their way. They benefit from training in management and communication skills, practice in effective leadership behaviors, coaching skills, and developing trusting relationships. This results in a boost in self-confidence and the ability of leaders to have faith in their instincts.                                                                                       

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program consists of a series of training sessions with each skill set learned built into the next. A group of future leaders travels through sessions together. Accountability is achieved with job-embedded assignments debriefed at each session.

Topics vary and may include leadership enhancement, communication skills, critical thinking, and management techniques. The program builds leaders and forms cohesive work teams, doubling as a powerful succession planning tool. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from this series of leadership sessions.

Virtual Workplace – Teleworking

The future is here. People are working from home, from cafes, from laptops or mobile apps. Work is results-focused. Managing is more like coaching, and collaboration is key. Teleworking helps the environment, saves money, reduces absenteeism and increases production. It’s here to stay.

But can it be successful? Which employees work best that way? And how do you know they’re working?  These questions are explored in a menu of training programs related to the virtual workplace.  Each is tailored to client needs. Teleworking is a hot topic. And it’s cool, too. Contact us to learn more. 

Professional Staff Development

The need to groom staff into leadership roles is huge. As employees retire, others are needed to fulfill their responsibilities. Many are not trained to do so. Contact us to explore any of the following programs or to create one that best fulfills your training needs.

  • Employee engagement
  • Communication tools
  • Supervision Skills
  • Management techniques
  • Creating trust
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Motivation and self-direction
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution