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When information is not relevant, people do not learn. Our approach to any of our services always includes an assessment of needs, capabilities, and desired outcomes. That gives us a stepping off place to develop a menu of options to ensure your desires are achieved. Pertinent, meaningful, and dynamic learning occurs with immediate application and long-term results.




Coaching consists of an initial interview of the executive or individual to be coached – the coachee. Assessment tools may also be used.

This initial interview serves to:
• explore and define the strengths and needs of the individual
agree on the best way to work together
• discover the coachee’s goals, objectives, and perceived obstacles
•  develop the trust essential in a coaching partnership
• guide the executive coach in designing a relevant coaching program

Coaching Process
Coaching consists of a vibrant relationship between two equals— one focused on making positive changes, the other to support that effort.

Together, coach and coachee agree on direction and desired outcomes. They develop a professional Leadership Development Plan relying on the coachee’s strengths and abilities juxtaposed with the organization’s objectives.

Coaching Schedule
A schedule of coaching sessions ensures accountability and growth. Each session focuses on escalating learning from the prior session. The essence of each session is to create the behaviors needed to expand desired outcomes or accelerate behavioral change. Recent learning translates to job-embedded action.

Coaching Strategies
Good coaching strategies mean good questioning strategies. Focused questions elicit the strengths as well as the vulnerabilities of the person being coached. They allow for opportunities to reflect and arrive at a conclusion or plan of action. They generate autonomy and confidence.

Additional techniques: 
• requests for action
• brainstorm ideas and solutions
• practice
confidence-building techniques


All our training programs are custom-designed to client needs. Interviews often precede sessions to ensure relevancy for every participant. These interviews drive the design of the training and surface strengths and challenges of the individual and the organization. They bridge the gap between participant and trainer.

Delivery Process
Adult and accelerated learning principles encourage dynamic interaction among participants whether in live or online settings. Our ongoing research uses technology and media to tap into trends and best practices.

A safe and friendly learning environment is created to encourage sharing of real-time issues. Activities and energetic participation in small group discussions enhance learning. Through role plays, debriefing, and peer coaching, participants have ample opportunity to practice and gain feedback from others.



To facilitate your process, we first have to know where you want to go. Once we discover the purpose and intent of your session, we roll up our sleeves and work to get you there. 

More time is spent – and often wasted – in meetings than anywhere else. Our facilitators safeguard efficient use of time, shore up teamwork, and lead to successful outcomes.

We use effective facilitation tools that help groups capture ideas, prioritize them, and quickly move to action plans. Contact us to facilitate your next session.

We facilitate:
• Goal-setting sessions
• Brainstorming activities
• Participatory decision making
• Strategic planning sessions
• Creative planning
• Conflict resolution
• Team meetings
• Community meetings



We interview the author to discover the target audience, message, and purpose of the work. This helps us hear and model the author’s “voice” as we move the content along.

We learn if the writer wants to be coached or enjoy the support of a ghostwriter. We make agreements on milestones and how we can best work together as partners.

Writing Process
Then we put concepts, thoughts, story line, and ideas into written form, checking in as we go.

Our list of published works shows we can write. We have done this for others.

And we can do this for you. Contact us to find out how.