Bird Cheer



My bird Napi talks in his sleep. Well, actually, he doesn’t so much talk as call the kitties. In his sleep.  “Heerree kitty, kitty. Heerree kitty, kitty, kitty!”  At the  magical hour before dawn when all cats absolutely must go out to meet it, my two are no exception.

I stagger out of the bedroom, pull the sliding glass door open, and, on cue, Napi calls out from under the covers atop his cage, “Fibberrrr……McGeee….. Fibbeerrr….McGeee…..Kitty Kitty Kitty?”


This makes me laugh. Or at least smile. In fact, that little yellow cockatiel, brimming with personality, cheers me like that at least once a day, every day, and he’s been doing that for 25 years. I can’t say that about anyone I know. What a gift!


I know this is a blog on a business sites and is meant to highlight professional services, offer coaching tips or insights into training techniques. It’s meant to provide resources for professionals, and hopefully create dynamic dialogue with readers. Certainly I intend to do that.


But I also want to offer a spot of cheer. I’d like to give you a chuckle, a laugh, a smile with each post. The world is complex, moving fast. There’s little time for the luxury of a chuckle. As  I work with organizations challenged to manage ever-present change, striving to develop high performance teams, or struggling to meet public demand with limited resources, I am struck by their dedication and hard work. As I coach individuals who pursue excellence or tackle obstacles to success, I am humbled by their perseverance and willingness to try the scary untried.


So I’m aware of the precious tonic a little humor provides. It eases the shoulders, expands the lungs, relaxes the eye muscles. It softens our seriousness to focus on what matters most. And all that leads to a feeling of well-being that moves out exponentially and creates a better world.


I know this is true. A little bird told me so.

BLOG - Napi and the Gourd 07 2014

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